A photo is worth a 1000 words; but only if the photo is good. If your website or marketing photos look like the photo on the right, time for a makeover. In this day and age there is no excuse for anything that looks pixelated or blurred.

The photo used as the featured image for this piece was picked for a corporate travel company looking to place an online ad. While the photo on the right would have worked in a small ad or as profile picture for social media, it does not make the cut for print, or social media posts (as you can see).

When picking visuals for your website, print or social media make sure they are post-worthy. Pixelated or blurred photos send the wrong messages to potential clients. Each medium has it’s own set rules regarding photo quality. Website photos don’t need to be as high resolution as print photos, but there are always exceptions. In addition, there are varied types of color models that work with each medium. Photos that have been color corrected for website use will not work for high quality printed material.

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